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Handwash Kit

Sometimes hand washing is the only option. You may need something washed quickly, you may not want to put a delicate item in the machine, or handwashing may be advised on the care label. Whatever the reason, always hand-wash in a dedicated plastic bowl or in the bathroom sink rather than in the kitchen. It’s more hygienic that way. Let us study what is the essential handwash kit.

handwash kit

1)Stain-removal bar

Use on damp fabric to remove stains from items before washing.

2)Stain-removal liquid

Like the stain-removal bar, you can use this on damp fabric to remove stains from items before washing.

Some also incorporate a brush.

3)Wash tub

Keep a bowl or tub specially for handwashing. A tub used for dishes may be greasy from food deposits.

handwash kit for laundry


Use with detergent to quickly shift grubbiness from shirt collar, cuffs, and underarm areas.

5)Handwashing detergent

Specially formulated to be gentle.


Roll up woolens and other delicate items in a light-colored towel to remove excess moisture. It cuts down on drying time and protects the fabrics from damage caused by squeezing.

7)Rubber gloves

Wear to protect your hands from the drying effects of detergents.

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